Terms and Conditions

Do I Need Permission To Use a Design on the Internet?

In the eyes of the law, every design work becomes copyrighted the moment it’s created. So, yes, you need permission to use any design that you don’t take or create yourself.

If the design payment completed of a design clearly and explicitly states that you can use itwithout additional consent.

Fair Use

Fair use is a legal exception to the exclusive rights that a copyright holder has for their work. This principle exists to allow for limited and reasonable use of design works as they don’t interfere with the owners’ rights or ability to do what they want with their creations.

What Happens If I Use a Copyrighted Design Without Permission?

If you accidentally use a copyrighted design on your website or with your content, there are a few things that could happen, like:

Getting a request from the copyright owner to remove the design from your content to prevent further legal action Receiving a notice from the copyright holder that asks you to purchase a license to use the design Getting a notice from the copyright holder to create a commercial arrangement where you can use their copyright content for an ongoing fee Receiving a legal notice about your copyright infringement that requires a court appearance and often financial compensation for using the design